Jumaat, 23 Julai 2010

How to Make Math Fun at Home

Math can be fun to learn and use, especially at home. Incorporating math into everyday activities makes math much easier for kids to learn and it lays the foundation for a lifelong understanding and love of math. If you are looking for fun everyday activities to teach math to kids at home, look no further.


Step 1

To make math fun at home, make cooking more than just about cooking. Cook with kids and try doubling recipes or cutting them in half. Give them a different size measuring cup than they need and encourage them to figure out how to use it. For example, let them use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to measure out a 1/2 cup measurement, etc.

Step 2

Let kids help keep score in family sports games, like tag football, etc.

Step 3

Play old fashioned board games where kids have to count, or play games like dominoes where they have to use addition, etc.

Step 4

Provide a small allowance and require them to save a percentage of it each week. They will have to calculate the percentage and tally up their savings from week to week.

Step 5

Help younger kids to set up a lemonade stand in the summer. Of course you will have to monitor closely for safety reasons. Money makers like this give an incentive to use money, learn it's value, and add it up. They will also learn to give change, etc.

Step 6

Give them a portion of the budget at the grocery store and let them figure out how to get something within that budget. For example, they could get their own cereal budget.

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