Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

Over the years ……… have developed workshops, seminars, tips and other assistance for the classroom. To get you started, here are a few words of wisdom from fellow teachers about classroom management.

à Get lesson plans in order and be organized.
à Look at the student to whom you are speaking.
à Don't disapprove of what a child is--disapprove of what he or she does.
à Let the class relax occasionally, but make sure they know to return to required behavior when asked.
à Be fair but firm. Enforce your rules consistently, fairly and impersonally.
à Give attention and praise for good behavior.
à Don't show favoritism.
à Let students know you care and will help before and after school, provided they are trying. Let them know you WANT to help them.
à Keep full control.
à Discourage tattling.
à Make positive statements as often as possible.
à Stop unwanted noise as soon as it starts.
à At the beginning of the school year, hold firm to classroom rules. It is easier to let up than tighten up.
à Give clear, concise behavior rules at the first of school. Stick to them.
à Reprimand a student in private whenever possible and feasible.
à Do not threaten students but do explicitly spell out the consequences of their negative behavior.
à Assign punishment impersonally and justly.
à Have a regular order of procedure. Be open, approachable and friendly.

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