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UNESCO : What makes a Good Teacher? (1996) 2.

One who is child friendly, caring, kind hearted, humble, patient, who has the fear of God, who is always ready to give a listening ear, who is not jealous (because most teachers are always jealous and envious of their students), a motherly love.
I feel there should be a rule and punishment for teachers who maltreat and call children names. Teachers are suppose to be children's best friends instead they are their worst enemies. In fact, some children refuse to go to school because of their teachers. Children are not suppose to learn with fear.
I work with a children NGO and they children complain a lot to me about their teachers.

Ngozi Ekwerike, Nigeria

A real friend is someone who knows all about you and still he loves you. A good teacher is a good friend. A good teacher is someone who teaches us like children with love.
Arif Raza, Pakistan

Good teaching is keeping yourself in the shoes of your students.
A good teacher should live his/her life in such a way that those who are watching him/her will not be led astray.
A good teacher should have a teachable heart.

Fe Espiritu, Philippines

A good teacher does not dictate what is written on the book or the curricullum. A good teacher shows the whole wide world to the students.
Mario Martino Rustan (age 18), Indonesia

Today's child will be a man of tomorrow.
Teachers must be a symbol of kindness and love.
Zahid Shah, Pakistan

I think a good teacher must guide the student throughout his needs, both textual and personal. He should love, serve and honour the child.
Amritanshu, India

A good teacher is like a loving parent... fair, respectful, flexible and able to bounce back after even the gravest challenges.
Enitan Mason, USA

A good teacher means someone who plays a role as children's mate in learning, and she/he should be someone who thinks and acts at the best of her/his children's view and growth.
Linda Ivonne, Indonesia

A good teacher is one who challanges her students to be all that they can be.
from Barbara Murphy, USA

Everyone in the world is a teacher in a sense. We all teach something to someone at one point in our lives. However, some of us succed to be great teachers. I believe this happens when a teacher believes in the power of education. When you teach with the certitude that everyone can learn from you. When the student does not learn the way the teacher teaches, then the good teacher teaches the way the student learns.
Ana Laura Garcia Gutierrez, Special Education Teacher, Mexico

A good teacher must be prepared to be foolish if that will help his pupil attain wisdom.
A good teacher, like the good shepherd, must "lay down his life" (sacrifice all) so that the pupil can be solidly grounded in wisdom and understanding.
A good teacher derives absolute satisfaction from seeing his pupil contribute to making life more meaningful to fellow human beings.
A good teacher is always willing to learn from (and of) his pupil.
A good teacher sits at his pupil's feet tirelessly.
A good teacher disciplines himself before anyone else.
Ruth Agamah, Nigeria

A good teacher is someone who will do everything in their power to make every child feel loved and sucessful in some way because all children learn differently and are their own unique individuals.
Mary Kalix, USA

A good teacher must be patient, with gentle but firm voice, can go down to the level of his pupils and willing to learn from them.
from Regina Z. Ubana, Philippines

To be a good teacher, it is fundamental:
to feel like a child
to think like a child
to act like a child
to reason and react as an understanding adult, remembering that one has once been a child, and it's time to revive that child
from Oscar Pacheco

A good teacher must first have been a good student.
from Deborah Barger, USA

"A good teacher is one who can express his\her point of view clearly, who can understand a child's problem, who is ready to help at any time, who knows what is right and what is wrong. A teacher who is very hardworking and friendly too. Who can light the future of child."
from Aruna Hissaria

The teacher is to the students what the rain is to the field.
Zaira Alexandra Rodriguez Guijarro, 11, (Mexico)

A good teacher should treat all pupils like his own children. He should answer all questions, even if they are stupid.
Fatoumata, 11, Chad

To become a good teacher, you not only teach the children but you also have to learn from them.
Tasha-Leigh, 12, Jamaica

A good teacher answers the needs of the pupils and not only the needs of the chosen programme.
Omar, 12, Morocco

I like a teacher who helps me think and get answers for myself.
Bongani Sicelo, 9, Zimbabwe

Others have emphasised the central role of teachers:

see Delors, J. (1996) Learning: The Treasure Within Paris: UNESCO

Teacher Dale Gordon has written her own manifesto for helping her students learn.

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