Jumaat, 23 Julai 2010

How to Get Kids to Like Math

Most kids do not naturally like math unless it is presented in the right way. Reading math textbooks, listening to a teacher discuss math, watching someone show how math problems should be worked, and practicing math on paper, can lead to the ability to solve math problems, but it will not naturally lead to liking math or having the depth of understanding that leads to higher level math abilities. Teachers are usually good at making math more fun and hands-on; however, the legal push towards more and more at earlier ages, has left teachers little time to do the activities they used to do. Making math interesting and fun has to happen at home and school both. When the right activities and approaches are used, kids will grow up liking math. They will be interested in it and motivated to participate in it.


Step 1

To get kids to like math, talk about math in positive terms. If math was not a positive experience for you, avoid telling them that math was hard for you or that you don't like math. Instead, try to say something positive about math. Telling them that math was a struggle, but you worked at it because it was interesting and so useful, for example, would be better. In order to like math, kids have to associate it with positive things.

Step 2

Demonstrate how math is used in everyday life. Too many kids think of math and think that they will never really use all of the math they are learning. Showing them that math is used in cooking, banking, shopping, planning vacations, even playing some games, will help them to see all of the reasons for learning math.

Step 3

Get help for kids right away when they begin to show signs of struggling in math. Math skills build on each other and not really understanding any one skills will put a definite ceiling on what can be learned after that. The resulting continued difficulties will tend to lead to math frustration, including possible anxiety and avoidance. Getting help right away will avoid those struggles.

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