Jumaat, 23 Julai 2010

Techniques that Backfire

If you haven’t already been there, check out Discipline Techniques on this website. These 11 techniques for better discipline can be useful in managing a positive and comfortable classroom.

There are some techniques, however, that should be avoided. Linda Albert surveyed dozens of teachers, asking them what methods have backfired for them. Here they are as she has presented them in her book A Teacher’s Guide to Cooperative Discipline, (American Guidance Service, 1989).

After 27 years in elementary and middle school classrooms, I can honestly say I have tried most of these techniques. Linda is right. They may work a few times, but not over the long haul. Techniques that backfire include:

· raising my voice

· yelling

· saying “I’m the boss here”

· insisting on having the last word

· using tense body language, such as rigid posture or clenched hands

· using degrading, insulting, humiliating, or embarrassing put-downs

· using sarcasm

· attacking the student’s character

· acting superior

· using physical force

· drawing unrelated persons into the conflict

· having a double standard — making students do what I say, not what I do

· insisting that I am right

· preaching

· making assumptions

· backing the student into a corner

· pleading or bribing

· bringing up unrelated events

· generalizing about students by making remarks such as “All you kids are the same”

· making unsubstantiated accusations

· holding a grudge

· nagging

· throwing a temper tantrum

· mimicking the student

· making comparisons with siblings or other students

· commanding, demanding, dominatin

· rewarding the student

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