Selasa, 3 November 2009

school improvement : soalan awal

1. What must the school do when it is identified for improvement?
2. What is the purpose of the school improvement plan?
3. What topics must the plan address?
4. How must the plan address the school’s core academic subjects and instructional strategies?
5. What are examples of instructional strategies that are grounded in scientifically based research?
6. What are examples of policies and practices with the greatest likelihood of ensuring that all student groups achieve proficiency?
7. Can a school identified for improvement implement a comprehensive school reform model as a part of its school improvement plan?
8. Why must the plan address professional development?
9. What kinds of professional development should be provided?
10. Why must the school improvement plan contain provisions for teacher mentoring?
11. What is the source of funding for the professional development detailed in the school improvement plan?
12. What is high-quality professional development?
13. How must the school improvement plan address parent involvement?
14. Why must a school improvement plan contain measurable goals?
15. If the school identified for improvement has an existing plan, is it required to create a new plan to meet the school improvement requirements?
16. Who must be involved in developing the school improvement plan?
17. What is the review process for the school improvement plan?
18. Under what timeline must the authority approve the school improvement plan?
19. May the authority condition its approval of a school improvement plan?
20. According to what timeline shall the school improvement plan be implemented?

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